by 50% overnight. A Possible Suspense Rewrite: “Data Centers’ Energy Crisis on the Brink of a Breakthrough – a Computer Chip Efficiency Revolution that could Slice Electricity Usage in Half?”

A breakthrough by researchers from Oregon State University and Baylor University could reduce energy consumption in data centers and supercomputers. Data centers can consume up to 50 times more energy per square foot than a normal office building, according to the US Department of Energy. The team has developed a new method to compensate for […]

The ominous potential for significant energy savings is unveiled with the arrival of automated window shades.

Automated insulating window shades can reduce energy consumption in buildings by approximately 25%, according to research conducted by the Illinois Institute of Technology at Willis Tower. The study also revealed that the cost of installing the shades could be recouped within three to five years. Despite regulating heat accounting for 30-40% of energy used by […]

As sugar levels plummet, cancer cells resort to a mysterious new energy source, revealed in a chilling study that exposes how uridine sustains pancreatic tumors in mice.

Researchers at the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center have discovered a new nutrient source that pancreatic cancer cells use to grow. The nutrient is called uridine, and it’s part of the tumor microenvironment. Pancreatic tumors don’t have access to nutrients that come from the bloodstream, like glucose, because they have few functioning blood vessels. […]

The perilous energy race between the U.S. and China poses a real threat to our fight against climate change.

Tensions between the US and China are resulting in various repercussions for both countries. The Department of Homeland Security recently searched facilities operated by solar panel manufacturer Jinko Solar Holding Co. Ltd., one of the only Chinese makers to have a U.S.-based factory. The exact reason for the investigation remains unclear. Texas’ State Senate also […]

“The Dark Secret Lurking Behind Korea and US’s Proposed Alliance Against China and Russia’s Nuclear Energy Power”

The Federation of Korean Industries (FKI) has suggested that South Korea and the United States should work together to strengthen cooperation in nuclear energy trade to counter the dominance of Russia and China in the global market. FKI proposes that the two nations should boost their partnership to promote South Korea’s advanced nuclear reactor exports […]