‘You’re not the only one’: Vancouver’s Black population rising fast, census shows | Globalnews.ca

The Black population in Metro Vancouver, including Surrey, has grown significantly in the past five years, increasing from 29,830 to 41,180 people. This trend is reflected nationally, with the African-born population increasing from 637,485 to 821,735 people. Lenya Wilks, senior manager of the Surrey Local Immigration Partnership, said the transition for Black immigrants is still tough, but the more connections they make, the more they realize they’re not alone. The organization is studying the trend and trying to create community spaces and events to help newcomers. With the federal government’s goal of bringing in 500,000 immigrants by 2025, they are looking for ways to fill any gaps in service to help Black immigrants find community. Follow my Facebook group to learn more about the Black community in Metro Vancouver and how to support them.

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