Toshakhana: Pakistan releases Toshakhana gifts record for first time – Times of India

Pakistan\’s federal government has released a 446-page document detailing the gifts received by public officials from foreign dignitaries and other governments since 2002, according to Daily Pakistan. The release of the data follows Defence Minister Khawaja Asif’s announcement that the federal government had declassified the data of the state repository, known as Toshakhana. The repository, established in 1978, holds gifts that are deposited by members of the government and other offices, including parliamentarians and bureaucrats. Officials are legally allowed to retain gifts by paying a pre-assessed amount, generally a proportion of the gift value. Last year, the Election Commission of Pakistan disqualified PTI leader Imran Khan as a member of the National Assembly in connection with the Toshakhana case, after Khan was found to have sold gifts without having first declared them. A districts and sessions court is hearing a criminal case concerning the matter.

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