Ottawa\’s plan for guns misfired. Alberta gun cultures might help us understand why | CBC News

Alberta\’s recent introduction of the Firearms Act is the latest move in a long-standing fight against gun legislation by gun owners and advocates in the province. While the federal government introduced legislation to prevent mass shootings, including amendments that were perceived to ban common shotguns and hunting rifles, gun owners felt that they were being lumped in with criminals, and the Assembly of First Nations passed a resolution opposing the legislation. The proposed amendments were eventually withdrawn by the government, and the Alberta Firearms Act was introduced to counteract the federal law. Alberta has a notable gun culture that centres around rural areas where guns are used for hunting, pest control, and ranch purposes, and gun ownership is relatively high. Despite this, not all Albertans oppose stricter gun regulations. A recent poll showed that 54% of the province\’s residents were in favour of national rules for effective gun policy, while 34% believed provinces should have the flexibility to decide whether certain guns should be banned. Emotions run high in the province when authorities are perceived to move against guns, as seen in 2013 when citizens confronted the RCMP after the Mounties took guns from flood-stricken homes in High River.

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