China’s Digital Dominance: A Terrifying Threat Against the World Order, Unveiled Through TikTok and More.

The rise of TikTok, a social media platform owned by Chinese tech giant ByteDance, has added a new dimension to geopolitical power contests. The success of TikTok exemplifies China’s technological prowess and the global impact of its digital innovations. However, both the Trump and Biden administrations have scrutinized TikTok and ByteDance for potential national security […]

Uncovering the Terrifying Truth behind the Mysterious China Factor in the Japan-South Korea Rapprochement.

The international dynamics between China, Japan, and South Korea are shifting as China’s economic transformation and its increasing dominance in the automotive industry pose significant economic dangers to Japan and South Korea. The growing rapport between Japan and South Korea is happening as long-running trade rivalries between the two democratic nations are being overshadowed by […]

Beware: China Remains a Powerful Adversary.

Despite economic challenges, China has performed well during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, concerns persist over joblessness and President Xi Jinping’s commitment to a market economy. Chinese officials are trying to expedite economic reforms without inciting a sudden intervention in the private sector from Mr. Xi. Chinese investors and entrepreneurs are worried about authoritarian signals from […]

As the world awaits with bated breath, the new sanctions against Russia are held captive in a state of uncertainty due to the resilient Greek-Hungarian protest.

Hungary and Greece are reported to have joined forces in opposing the EU’s latest sanctions package aimed at Russia. This package differs from previous sanctions, because it aims to avoid being circumvented by targeting other countries that are helping Moscow dodge its trade embargo. Hungary and Athens are linking their approval for the package to a separate issue involving Ukraine and […]

Syarikat China labur RM50j، buka kilang penggali terowong di Sendayan

سیرمبان: سیبواہ کلینگ پیمبوتن پرالاٹن پیمبینہ پینگگلی ٹیروونگ میکرو یانگ ڈیبینا دی سینڈیان ٹیک ویلی، بندر سری سینڈیان دی سینی اکان میمبوا نیلائی پیلابورن برجملہ RM50 جوٹا کے نگری آئی۔ Pengurus Kumpulan TangXing Equipment Sdn. Bhd., Tang Su Wen Berkata, selepas 30 tahun beroperasi, pihaknya memang berhasrat untuk membina dan mengembangkan perniagaan di negara ini. […]

China bans purchase of memory chips from US company, raising concerns of espionage and security threats.

China has banned the use of US-manufactured computer chips in the country’s major infrastructure projects. The move follows a warning from the country’s cybersecurity watchdog that the largest US memory chip maker, Micron Technology, poses a serious risk to China’s network safety. Consequently, infrastructure operators are prohibited from buying products from the company. Sectors affected […]