Halifax council votes in favour of regulating short-term rentals – Halifax | Globalnews.ca

Halifax Regional Council has voted in favour of regulating short-term rentals, such as those found on websites like Airbnb. The changes will be implemented in September and will limit rentals to the host\’s primary residence in residential zones. Supporters of the regulations argued that this is necessary due to the city\’s housing crisis, with a vacancy rate of one percent. On the other hand, Airbnb owners raised doubts that the 2,000 short-term rental units are affecting the city’s housing crisis, and some said their businesses are helping to bolster the economy. After more than five hours of discussion, council ultimately voted in favour of the regulations in a 13-3 vote. This move is expected to help the city\’s housing crisis, while allowing Airbnb owners to prepare before the changes are implemented in September.

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