Fake news by India for 15 years EU Disinfo lab

The EU DisinfoLab report titled \”Indian Chronicles\” was released in December 2020 and highlighted an extensive network of disinformation and propaganda aimed at influencing international perception on Indian issues.

According to the report, the network consisted of over 750 fake media outlets, NGOs, and think tanks, which were used to spread false information and amplify pro-Indian government narratives. The operation was traced back to the Indian company, Srivastava Group, which had ties to several other companies and individuals involved in the dissemination of disinformation.

The report detailed how the network operated by recycling and repurposing old articles and stories to create fake news, often spreading false or misleading narratives about Pakistan, China, and other countries. The network also targeted the United Nations, the European Parliament, and other international institutions to influence their decisions on Indian issues.

The report raised concerns about the impact of disinformation on democracy and highlighted the need for increased transparency and accountability in the media and online spaces. It also called for greater international cooperation in countering disinformation campaigns and protecting democratic processes.

Overall, the \”Indian Chronicles\” report served as a stark reminder of the dangers of disinformation and the need to remain vigilant in the face of coordinated propaganda efforts.

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