How to Identify fake news

To identify fake news, follow these tips:

Check the source: Verify if the source is credible and known for providing accurate information.

If a news story seems unbelievable, look for other reputable sources that are reporting the same story. If that news story is from certain city or local government search on social media about that city or local government. Local people can give to proper information.

Use fact-checking websites such as Snopes, PolitiFact, or to confirm the accuracy of the information. Use local newspapers or groups on social media.

If the author\’s credentials or background are unknown or unreliable, be wary of their information.

Check the date: Some fake news articles are old and are being shared again, so make sure the article is recent and relevant. Please make sure that old news and things are not share again and again.

Examine the evidence: Look for proof to back up the claims made in the article. If there is none, be skeptical.

Check the images used in the article and make sure they are not misleading or taken out of context. Sometime people use images from diverse sources to relate incorrect information. it\’s your responsibility to check and verify.

Remember, it\’s always important to be critical of the information you come across and verify it before accepting it as true.

Just remember there are alot of keyboard worriers outside that they will share information without checking.

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