TikTok\’s teenage filter has us confronting our own mortality

TikTok users are getting emotional over an AR filter that shows them what they would look like as a teenager. The filter has sparked a range of reactions from people, from sadness to humor. Some users have used the filter to reflect on how much they have grown since their teenage years, while others have joked about the unrealistic expectations of perfect skin. Others have used the filter to reflect on their regrets and have set the videos to the song \”The Freshmen\” by The Verve Pipe.

This isn\’t the first time a filter or app has gone viral to show us what we looked like in our youth or how we might look when we\’re old. Similar filters have gone viral on Snapchat and TikTok, but with this filter, there is no need to download a new app, which is reassuring given the shady history of many viral photo editing apps. Some users have security concerns about TikTok, but the company claims that it is not collecting or storing biometric data when we use these AR filters.

While these TikToks are sentimental, it serves as a reminder to appreciate the present and all the hard decisions we have to make as adults.

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