Never look back: actor Vincent Cassel, France’s scary star

Vincent Cassel is set to have a big year in both film and TV. He is appearing in two blockbuster French films and a new Apple TV spy thriller, “Liaison”, with Eva Green. Cassel is no stranger to Hollywood, having starred in the 2014 remake of “Beauty and the Beast”, “Black Swan”, “Jason Bourne” and “Ocean’s Twelve”. He is also set to appear in a biopic of Antoine de Saint-Exupery and a semi-autobiographical film directed by David Cronenberg. Cassel believes that cinema will continue to exist, but it will need to find ways to renew itself. He doesn\’t make a distinction between film and TV, noting that the budgets are often the same. He is passionate about his mental and physical health, as well as his family and friends, and is looking forward to the upcoming projects.

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