Here\’s how much time Canadians spent in rush hour traffic in 2022 | CBC News

Drivers in Canada spent an average of 144 hours in rush-hour traffic last year, according to a global report from location technology company TomTom. Toronto and Vancouver were the two worst cities in the country, with 199 and 197 hours stuck in traffic respectively. The report also found that London, Bengaluru and Dublin were the three worst cities globally with 325, 260 and 277 hours respectively. Other Canadian cities included in the report had varying levels of traffic and environmental impacts. A transportation researcher said the data shows a need to improve how people move around their communities. Solutions such as improving public transportation, allowing people to work from home more often, and building public transit are all potential solutions. The report also shows the benefit of not driving, such as reducing emissions and saving money. If you\’re interested in learning more about the impact of traffic in Canada, follow my Facebook group for updates.

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