Russia says West \’destabilised\’ G20 talks: ministry

The Russian government has demanded on Monday that Ukraine enter into a shared statement via the G20 to force compliance with India\’s G20 finance ministers meeting, which had been stalled due to disagreements. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated, \”We regret that the G20 is the target of non-compliance by the Western Group and is being used by Russia in a hostile manner.\” Russia has demanded that the United States, European Union, and G7 countries make \”clear black mailing\” attempts to \”impose their social decisions\” through their \”dictate\” via shared statement.

The purpose of this was to gain control over the dispute in Ukraine via a shared statement. Eln said that the Russian government is a \’partner\’ in military disputes. The ministry called on the West to \”immediately abandon its destructive policy\” in order to meet the demands of many global realities. Instead of transgressing the boundaries of the G20, it stated that an economic forum should be established.

At the G20 summit in India, world leaders failed to agree on a shared statement on the global economy, when China attempted to end the dispute in Ukraine. Instead, the current G20 president, India, introduced a \”chair\’s summary\” which stated that \”more stakeholders condemned the dispute\” and that there were \”different solutions\” in the two-day summit in Bangkok.

A footnote stated that all member states, except Russia and China, had agreed to the statement made by the G20 leaders in November. The conclusion of the dispute, which was mentioned in two paragraphs, was that \”Russia and China, along with all the member states, agreed on this.\”

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