Will AI receive the same celebrity-fueled hype as crypto once did? It’s complicated

As the world of crypto rises, prominent personalities have joined the gold rush. Tam Brady has launched a daring NFT business venture with the support of a16z and Kleiner Perkins. With the aim of providing entertainment and fun for traders and gamers alike, the venture is encouraging more women to take part in the conversation. Peter Hilton, a long-time crypto enthusiast, has named his two new pet projects ‘Crypto Hilton’ and ‘Ether Reum’.

The current month is seeing a lot of hustle and effort from crypto, with the spotlight now on AI. Will prominent personalities follow suit and jump on the newest hype train? Products like ChatGPT and GPT-3 from OpenAI are already helping to fuel VC interest. The fundamental difference between AI and crypto, however, is that the latter needs to be backed by tangible assets in order to build credibility.

But do AI applications need the same kind of support from prominent personalities as their many apps? It remains to be seen. For now, the world of crypto and AI continues to grow, with many more exciting possibilities on the horizon.

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