Vass Bednar: Twitter, Meta paid verification schemes usher in two-tiered social media

Tech companies initially promised to democratize access to digital megaphones and create a sharing economy, but have since shifted to monetizing basic security features. Companies like Twitter and Meta Platforms Inc. are now charging users for verification services and other features, exploiting people\’s vanity and desire for reach. This raises the question of why tech companies are out of good money-making ideas, and why consumers are willing to pay for exploitative fees. The digital economy relies heavily on advertising, and governments are struggling to balance privacy and autonomy. People should mobilize against Big Tech and resist paying for basic online safety. Vass Bednar from McMaster University encourages product managers, CEOs, and demanding shareholders to be embarrassed by their lack of ingenuity and come up with better business models. Join the conversation and follow my Facebook group to stay updated on the latest trends in tech!

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