Review: PlayStation VR2 is a huge leap that still can\’t escape its niche

well, anything. It’s still a huge issue and it’s still quite uncomfortable after a while. Sony’s PSVR2 is the latest iteration of virtual reality headsets, and is the most advanced yet. With a 4K OLED display, 120Hz refresh rate, and improved controllers, it\’s a great piece of hardware. Setting up the headset is easy, and the controllers are intuitive and responsive. The play area can be customized quickly and accurately, and the display is bright and vibrant. However, despite the great hardware, the fundamental issues of VR still remain – a lack of compelling content, and image fidelity that is still distracting. Movement in VR is still an unsolved problem, and eye fatigue is still a huge issue. Sony\’s PSVR2 is the best of its kind, but it\’s still not enough to recommend it to anyone who wasn\’t already on board.

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