“Unexpected Turn as Mysterious Forces Push for Government Review of Laws Regulating Court Affairs,” Supreme Court Informed.

The Supreme Court in Pakistan is taking a one week break after the Attorney General for Pakistan advised the court of the government’s intentions to iron out some overlapping provisions in two acts governing the Supreme Court. The eight-member bench heard a case regarding a law limiting the power of the top judge, but this […]

The mysterious turn of events in Punjab polls order as SC abruptly adjourns hearing after AGP mentions the implementation of the review of judgments law.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has adjourned its hearing on the holding of elections in Punjab until June 1 after the Attorney General highlighted a new law regarding the review of judgments. Although the ECP had said the election for the province should be held on 14 May, the Punjab government has claimed it hasn’t received […]

Will the SC grant ECP’s plea for review of Punjab polls order as the suspenseful hearing resumes?

Pakistan’s Supreme Court is hearing the Election Commission’s request to reconsider its order for elections to the Punjab Assembly on 14 May. In an April 4 judgment, the court had ruled that polls must be held in Punjab on that date and directed the federal government to release PKR 21bn ($187m) to fund the vote. The Pakistani Tehreek-i-Insaf […]

One-week delay in SC hearing on ECP’s review plea for Punjab polls raises suspicions of sinister plot.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has postponed the hearing of a plea from the country’s Election Commission (ECP) for a review of the court’s decision to hold elections for the Punjab Assembly on 14 May for one week. The decision comes amidst protests staged by the Pakistan Democratic Movement outside the court against the judiciary for allegedly favouring […]

Will the UK competition watchdog expose the hidden dangers lurking within AI chatbot technology in the upcoming review?

The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is reviewing the foundational models behind popular chatbots, such as ChatGPT, as part of its intensifying interest in artificial intelligence (AI). Sarah Cardell, the CMA’s chief, stated that the review would assess “the real opportunities there” for competition to work effectively and safeguard consumers. The review comes as regulators around […]

“ECP’s latest move sends shivers as they file a petition in SC seeking review of Punjab poll order accused of lacking ‘judicial restraint’.”

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has filed a petition in the Supreme Court to reconsider a ruling stating that polls in Punjab must take place on 14 May. The ECP argues that the verdict disregards the country’s constitution, laws and previous judgments. An apex court of Pakistan had declared that 14 May should be […]