PROOF POINTS: Trial finds cheaper, quicker way to tutor young kids in reading

Education researchers are studying a low-cost, low-disruption tutoring programme called \”short-burst\” for kindergarten children. Chapter One (formerly Innovations for Learning) is behind the programme, which involves one-to-one tutoring sessions at a desk in the back of a classroom. The sessions take place during normal English lesson periods and involve each child working with the same tutor for a few minutes, up to five days a week. The approach has produced impressive initial results: at the end of the first year of a four-year study of 800 Florida kindergarten children, who were given the short-burst tutoring programme, more than double the number of children hit an important reading milestone than those who did not receive the tutoring. Researchers recommend tutoring programmes to schools, but high-dosage tutoring programmes are costly and difficult for schools to implement. The $120bn in federal funding provided to the US for pandemic recovery could be invested in tutoring programmes. The hope is that short-burst tutoring will be a cost-effective way to ensure students become proficient readers, leading to long-term academic success.

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