OPP release footage of failed break-in in Erin that involved a blowtorch | Globalnews.ca

Wellington County OPP have released video of two suspects attempting to break into a vending machine with a blowtorch at a business in the town of Erin on Monday night. The suspects were seen attempting to manoeuvre a U-Haul van in a parking lot and a second vehicle, believed to be a stolen 2005 black Subaru Forester, was also involved. The suspects failed to make off with any money but caused around $25,000 in damage. On Tuesday, the same U-Haul truck was involved in a second break-in and two vans were stolen. Police have recovered the U-Haul but are still searching for the stolen vehicles and the suspects. Have you seen these suspects? Follow my Facebook group for more information. #WellingtonOPP #TownofErin.

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