A Trail of Mysterious Events Leading From Project-Based Learning to Professional Development Design.

Matthew Leader, a biology teacher at High Tech High, discusses how the school has helped other educators incorporate project-based learning (PBL) into their own practice. High Tech High is a public charter school organisation focused on PBL and guided by four design principles: equity, personalisation, authentic work, and collaborative design. The school has expanded from […]

Is temperature a stronger factor than light and flow for oxygen levels in US rivers, according to Penn State researchers using a deep learning model?

Researchers at Penn State used a deep learning model to analyze the concentration of dissolved oxygen in hundreds of rivers across the United States. Dissolved oxygen is important for water quality because fish and other aquatic organisms need it to breathe. Three major factors affect the amount of dissolved oxygen in a river: flow, temperature, […]

How to master real-world skills through alternative learning from classroom to career?

Education needs to change as we move further into the 21st century. Traditional methods, like standardized testing, are not enough to prepare students for a constantly changing world. Here are four strategies to help redefine education: Strategy 1: Portfolio-Based Learning Portfolio-based learning allows students to take ownership of their learning and apply knowledge in real-world […]

Competency-Based Learning Management System Focused on the Learner

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are adapting to support learner-centered and competency-based systems, which offer a more flexible approach for learners to achieve a sustaining wage. However, many legacy solutions are still not able to document unbundled and credentialed pathways needed to support all learners. A next-generation LMS should incorporate core criteria, such as competency, learning […]

According to researchers at the Cognition and Language Development Lab, preschoolers show a preference toward learning from competent robots over incompetent humans: A study was conducted on three- and five-year-olds to evaluate the instructive capability of robots versus humans.

Three-year-olds and five-year-olds were tested to see if they would prefer learning from a robot, over a human who was incompetent. The children watched a video of a young woman and a small robot called Nao sitting side by side, with familiar objects in between them. The robot would label the objects correctly while the […]

OPINION: Don’t despair — personalized learning offers promise of better learning for all students

The CEO and president of DreamBox Learning, Jessie Woolley-Wilson, argues that now is the time to invest in personalised learning and the future of every student in the US. In a recent article for The Hechinger Report, Woolley-Wilson contrasts the “historically lowest well-served” students, who didn’t have access to after-school support, enrichment activities, STEM programmes […]