Germany\’s climate envoy wants clear G-7 leadership on global warming

German special envoy for climate action, Johannes Morgen, has urged the G-7 group of seven leaders to take clear commitments to tackle the destructive effects of climate change in their own countries when they meet in Japan in May. In an interview with the BBC, Morgen said that German priorities for technological and environmental policies have been established, which includes the leadership of the group consisting of Britain, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, and the United States. The European Union will also participate in the summit to be held in the western Japanese city of Hiroshima in November.

Morgen said that a global movement is gaining momentum to tackle the issue of climate change, such as the United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Egypt\’s Sharm el-Sheikh in November, where 80 more countries supported the Paris Agreement on Climate Change Team\’s 27th Conference, known as COP27. He also called for a strong leadership from G-7 to ensure success of the COP 28 to be held in the United Arab Emirates in the end of this year.

Morgen also called for reform of international fiscal authorities, such as the International Monetary Fund, to provide technological support to developing countries to create renewable energy sources, as well as Germany\’s addition of the greenhouse gas emissions in the wake of Russia\’s military offensive in Ukraine. He further said that the commitment to zero emissions of the thermal power generation is an absolute policy and that Germany has added to this initiative in the wake of the Russian military offensive in Ukraine. He said that the preservation of the thermal power generation is an extremely urgent policy and that no change should be made until 2030 in order to achieve the goal of eliminating the thermal power generation.

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