Will Uber reach carbon neutrality by 2030 with your help making greener choices?

Uber has unveiled new product features aimed at encouraging eco-friendly choices on its platform. The ride-hailing firm’s emissions notifications and improved routing systems will prompt customers and drivers to make greener decisions, while new filters will match ride requests with EV drivers close to charging points. The platform’s Uber Eats food delivery service aims to […]

“Unstoppable Waymo expands robotaxi reach in San Francisco and Phoenix, but at what cost?”

Waymo is expanding its robotaxi service areas in Phoenix and San Francisco, with the aim of attracting new customers, generating more revenue and proving autonomous vehicles are not a passing trend. Waymo’s self-driving vehicles in Phoenix will now cover 180 square miles (around four times the area it served when the ride-hailing operation was launched in 2020). Both Downtown […]

Samsung Electronics on the brink of its first-ever labor strike as wage negotiations reach a deadlock.

Samsung Electronics, South Korea’s biggest business group, may soon face its first-ever strike by unionized workers as talks between the two sides over wages fell through. The company’s management council, which was elected to represent the employees, has been negotiating working conditions and wages, however, a group of the company’s workers believe that the negotiations are […]

“Unseen dangers lurk as researchers turn to ed tech to uncover ways for tutors to reach more children.”

Individualized tutoring is effective in helping students catch up academically, but it is also expensive and difficult to implement on a large scale. Educational software could be a more cost-effective alternative, but research has shown that students prefer human tutors to learning through screens, and students who are behind academically are often lacking in motivation […]

Will EU tech tsar Vestager successfully reach a political agreement on the AI law by the end of this year?

The European Union (EU) is likely to reach an agreement this year for major artificial intelligence (AI) legislation, according to Margrethe Vestager, the bloc’s tech regulation chief. This follows a preliminary deal reached on the EU’s Artificial Intelligence Act on Thursday. Vestager suggested possible measures, such as “labelling obligations for AI-generated images”. She also stated […]

“The clock is ticking: Will the coalition government and PTI reach a consensus on elections before the deadline directed by the SC?”

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered the federal coalition and PTI to work together and reach a consensus on elections in the country by 4pm on Thursday. However, the Court upheld its order that elections to the Punjab Assembly would take place on 14 May. The Court had initially issued notices to a variety […]