As the world awaits with bated breath, the new sanctions against Russia are held captive in a state of uncertainty due to the resilient Greek-Hungarian protest.

Hungary and Greece are reported to have joined forces in opposing the EU’s latest sanctions package aimed at Russia. This package differs from previous sanctions, because it aims to avoid being circumvented by targeting other countries that are helping Moscow dodge its trade embargo. Hungary and Athens are linking their approval for the package to a separate issue involving Ukraine and […]

Is the military capable of exacting justice?

Pakistan’s military plans to try civilians involved in recent attacks on military installations under the Pakistan Army Act and Official Secrets Act, according to the Inter-Services Public Relations. Military courts were granted the power to try terror suspects for two years in January 2015, after Taliban terrorists killed 144 people at an Army Public School […]

What are the hidden motives behind Indonesia’s transactional military modernization?

Indonesian President Joko Widodo faced skepticism when he appointed Prabowo Subianto, his previous rival in two presidential campaigns, as Minister of Defense in 2019. However, Subianto has been successful in closing several major defense acquisition programs, including a $8.1 billion deal with France’s Dassault for six Rafale fighter jets, with an option for 36 more, […]

“Dark secrets unveiled as China delivers final warship to Pakistan amidst rising military alliance.”

China has delivered two Type 054A frigates to Pakistan’s navy in completion of a four-warship deal that was signed in 2018. The frigates will be used to safeguard the seas of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) which is an infrastructure project that connects Xinjiang in west China to Pakistan to offer an alternative transportation route […]

China’s hidden agenda revealed: What are the mysterious ‘new fields’ of cooperation with Pakistan’s military?

China’s Defence Minister, Li Shangfu, has called on the country’s navy to expand its cooperation with Pakistan, stating that the two countries should expand their military ties to safeguard their security in the region. The two countries have close military links, with bilateral exercises regularly taking place. For China, Pakistan and its access to the […]

China’s mysterious search for “new fields” of cooperation with Pakistan military sends shivers down the spine of international security experts.

China’s Defence Minister, Li Shangfu, has told Pakistan’s navy chief that both countries’ militaries, including their navies, should expand cooperation to bolster their abilities to safeguard security in the region. The collaboration follows exercises held by their navies and air forces in each other’s territory. Chinese interest in Pakistan has raised concerns for India, particularly […]

Can Patriot defense system stop a hypersonic Russian missile? Ukraine’s recent incident suggests a stunning possibility.

The Ukrainian military used the newly acquired Patriot missile defense system to shoot down a hypersonic missile, known as the Kinzhal, in the skies over Kyiv. This marks the first time Ukraine has intercepted one of Moscow’s most advanced weapons. The US, Germany and the Netherlands provided the country with the long-awaited American-made batteries. Two […]

“Abbasi’s chilling warning: A crisis so grave it calls for military intervention.”

Former Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has warned that Pakistan’s current economic and political crisis could lead to a military takeover. Speaking on Dawn News English show Spotlight, Abbasi stated that martial law was always a possibility if the system failed, adding that in the past, the military has intervened in less severe circumstances. He […]