A Dark Future Lurks Ahead: From A to Z, Our Education System is at Risk.

The author emphasizes the need to shift from a traditional schooling system to a learning ecosystem to empower individuals to create a better future. With rapid advancements in technology and complex global issues like pandemics, financial instability, and ecological precariousness, it’s necessary to move away from rigid schooling models and embrace emerging learning paradigms that […]

Unveiled: The Terrifying Truth Behind the Potential Future of Air Travel, and Why It Will Leave You Miserable.

The airline industry is not vulnerable to outsiders like Uber and Lime, who have disrupted the transportation industry by flouting local regulations and asking for permission later. The arrival of ultra low-cost carriers like Spirit has led to innovation in pricing by unbundling each part of the journey and adding fees for assigned seats, luggage, […]

“The Sinister Truth Behind Pakistan’s Borrowed Growth: A Future Doomed to Collapse?”

Pakistan is facing a growing external debt repayment problem. Over the last decade, the country’s external debt and liabilities have doubled from $65 billion to $130 billion. This growth has outpaced the expansion of the country’s economy, causing the debt-to-GDP ratio to increase from 30.9% to 39.7%. This trend has made external debt servicing beyond […]

What Lurks Ahead for California’s Future: Hope or Impending Doom?

The state of California is currently considering reparations for descendants of enslaved people who have suffered from overpolicing, mass incarceration, and housing discrimination. Economists advising the task force estimate that the losses suffered by the state’s Black residents could amount to hundreds of billions of dollars. However, compensation approval has not yet been determined. While […]