Is the Nuri launch really the top achievement or is the science minister hiding something sinister?

South Korea’s Minister of Science and ICT, Lee Jong-ho, marked the one-year anniversary of his inauguration by touting the successful launch of the nation’s homegrown Rocket Nuri last year as one of his top achievements. South Korea has become the seventh country worldwide with advanced space technology after placing Danuri into the lunar orbit in […]

“Deadline looms as top court orders AGP to hand over crucial evidence on SC bill approval in tomorrow’s electrifying twist.”

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has requested that the Attorney-General of Pakistan, Mansoor Usman Awan, submit the record of National Assembly proceedings on the Supreme Court bill by tomorrow. This follows a hearing on a set of petitions against a newly enacted law aimed at limiting the powers of the Chief Justice of Pakistan. The […]

A looming ‘massive adjustment’ for the financial system has been ominously warned by the top global regulator.

The world’s financial system needs a “massive adjustment” to deal with rising interest rates, says Klaas Knot, the chair of the Financial Stability Board (FSB). Knot warned of potential problems regarding losses at US regional banks, and similar losses elsewhere. He cited several sub-sectors of the financial system at risk and identified the banking industry as […]

G-7 top diplomat talks ka dusra din Russia ke jang ke sath buland maqam par ajenda par hai.

سات صنعتی ممالک کے گروپ کے وزرائے خارجہ پیر کو وسطی جاپان کے قصبے Karuizawa میں دوسرے دن بھی بات چیت جاری رکھے ہوئے ہیں، جس میں توقع ہے کہ روس کی یوکرین میں جنگ اہم موضوعات میں شامل ہوگی۔ جاپانی حکومت کے حکام کے مطابق، G-7 کے نمائندے گلوبل ساؤتھ میں ترقی پذیر ممالک […]

Top Korean chaebol leaders Yoon ke sath US mein state visit par jayenge.

بائیں سے: لوٹے گروپ کے چیئرمین شن ڈونگ بن، ایل جی گروپ کے چیئرمین کو کوانگ-مو، ہنڈائی موٹر گروپ کے ایگزیکٹو چیئر چنگ یوئیسن، ایس کے گروپ کے چیئرمین چی تائی وون اور سام سنگ الیکٹرانکس کے ایگزیکٹو چیئرمین لی جائی یونگ کوریا-جاپان کاروباری گول میز میں شرکت کر رہے ہیں۔ 17 مارچ کو ٹوکیو […]

HD Hyundai chairman wins top industrial honor

Hyundai Heavy Industries’ Chairman, Kwon Oh-gap, has been awarded South Korea’s highest state industrial award, the Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit, for his contributions to the country’s shipbuilding industry and the promotion of the culture of giving. Kwon transformed HD Hyundai into a global technology focused heavy industries business and was recognised for his open communication […]