As tensions rise between Japan and Russia over Ukraine, a shocking announcement is made: Japan unveils a mysterious and potentially game-changing set of sanctions.

Japan has announced new sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. The sanctions, which include an asset freeze on Russian individuals and groups, a ban on goods being exported to Russia’s military-related organisations, and a ban on the export of construction and engineering services to Russia, target its military and construction and engineering sectors. […]

Amidst a sex abuse verdict, Donald Trump is set to attend a CNN town hall – raising questions about what he’ll say.

Former President Donald Trump will appear on CNN for a two-hour town hall event in New Hampshire on Wednesday. The event was scheduled before a civil jury found Trump liable for sexually assaulting an advice columnist nearly three decades ago. The jury awarded the columnist $5 million in damages. While the verdict carries no criminal penalties, […]

“Sinister prediction: Brokerage house warns inflation set to soar beyond 38%, reaching a chilling new high.”

Inflation in Pakistan is expected to reach a record high of 38% year-on-year in April, according to Ismail Iqbal Securities. This follows a 35.4% inflation rate recorded in March. Inflation is expected to remain elevated in May, estimated at around 40%, due to supply chain issues, devaluation of the rupee and increases in energy prices, […]

Is Something Sinister Preventing Rent from Boosting Your Credit Score? Discover How Open Banking Can Set Things Right – National |

The Liberal government of Canada has missed its own deadline to overhaul how banks handle Canadians’ data, a promise that industry players say is impacting how Canadians manage their own money. The issue revolves around open banking, an approach that would allow Canadians to control their data, access credit and avoid costly fees. While the […]

Reportedly, Google is set to unveil mysterious AI tools that will allow customers to ‘remix’ content and create unique ad campaigns.

Google is reportedly planning to incorporate generative AI into its advertising programs. Customers will be able to input text, image, and video content into Google’s AI system, which will then remix them to create ads based on specific goals such as audience and sales targets. Although Google’s Performance Max program already uses machine learning for […]

Liberals set to table 2023 budget. What will be in it? – National |

Canada’s federal budget includes plans to curb predatory lending, with proposals to amend the Criminal Code to reduce the legal amount of interest lenders are allowed to charge. Effective annual interest rates are capped at 60% under the code, as they have been since 1980. However, under some province exemptions, such as in the case of payday loans of […]

‘Historic moment’: Politicians of South Asian descent set to lead Scotland, Britain and Ireland with Yousaf victory | CNN

Humza Yousaf has become the first non-White leader of Scotland’s political movement for independence, the Scottish National Party. Yousaf’s victory comes after the SNP’s previous leader, Nicola Sturgeon, was unsuccessful in ending the union between Scotland and England. Prior to his appointment, Yousaf served as a cabinet minister in the Scottish government and was the […]

Pakistan police enter Imran Khan’s house in Lahore; former PM set to appear in Islamabad High Court: Key points – Times of India

Imran Khan, former prime minister of Pakistan and chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, has made his way from Lahore to the Islamabad High Court for the Toshakhana (state gift repository) corruption case. Khan’s convoy was delayed due to a car accident but the PTI leader said that the accident was part of a […]