The fate of Imran Khan hangs in the balance as the Supreme Court demands the NAB’s immediate appearance with him in court.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to present Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan within one hour. This order came during a hearing of a petition lodged by PTI that challenged Imran’s arrest by NAB from the Islamabad High Court on Tuesday in the Al-Qadir Trust case. Chief Justice […]

The fate of power plants hangs in the balance as Biden’s rule demands a 90% reduction in climate pollution or total shutdown.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing the Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule, which would replace the Clean Power Plan set out by President Obama in 2015. The ACE plan moves regulation of coal power back to individual states, and allows coal power plants to increase efficiency, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The plan […]

“Uncovering the truth of brutal police attacks: LHC’s larger bench demands the spine-chilling report of JIT.”

The Lahore High Court has directed the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to submit its report on the investigation into the cases of violence and attacks on police teams outside Zaman Park. The bench is currently hearing a petition of former Prime Minister Imran Khan seeking the quashing of 121 criminal cases registered against him. According to reports, a […]

Will China give in as India demands answers on Himalayan border disputes?

India’s Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh, has called for disengagement on the disputed Himalayan border with China to preserve “peace and tranquillity” during a meeting with his Chinese counterpart, General Li Shangfu. In a statement, Singh reiterated New Delhi’s position and stated that the continuation of military deployments is undermining relations between the two countries. Singh’s […]

IMF mazeed ‘guarantees’ chahti hai jabkay PM kehta hai k sab demands puri hogayi hain.

اسلام آباد / لاہور: وزیر اعظم شہباز شریف نے ہفتے کے روز کہا کہ بین الاقوامی مالیاتی فنڈ (آئی ایم ایف) کے پاس دوست ممالک کی مالی یقین دہانیوں کے بعد عملے کی سطح کے معاہدے کی منظوری میں تاخیر کرنے کی کوئی وجہ نہیں ہے، یہاں تک کہ فنڈ کے ایک عہدیدار نے کہا […]

Freeland’s budget has to tread a narrow path between competing demands for cash: sources | CBC News

The 2023 Canadian federal budget, to be unveiled on March 28, will prioritize three main areas: affordable living measures, investments in the clean industrial economy, and additional resources for provincial healthcare funding. Despite these priorities requiring significant spending, the budget will be constrained by a worsening fiscal situation. Experts suggest that Canada needs a focused […]