Will Saudi Arabia deposit $2bn in Pakistan’s central bank within 7 working days?

Saudi Arabia will deposit $2 billion into the State Bank of Pakistan’s account within the next seven working days. This was confirmed by the Saudi Ambassador to Pakistan during a meeting with a Special Assistant to the Prime Minister in Islamabad. The ambassador said that Saudi Arabia is committed to building long-term, sustainable investment transactions […]

Manulife Bank Allegedly Failed to Safeguard Sensitive Customer Data for Multiple Years, According to Insider | CBC News

An insider at Manulife is alleging major privacy issues within the company’s Canadian banking division that could have put thousands of customers at risk. The insider claims that bank account details and personal information of millions of customers were stored in a database that had few privacy protections and was shared with around 100 employees […]

The World Bank cautions that innovation is being impacted by the decoupling of the US and China.

US-China tensions are threatening innovation and growth in both countries, according to the World Bank’s economic update for Asia. The report found that research and development collaboration and restrictions on tech flows between the two nations could harm knowledge and corporate innovation. Ursula von der Leyen, the European Commission’s president, has called for the EU […]