World leaders are worried that Donald Trump will make global issues worse if he is re-elected. At a gathering in Davos, he is expected to win the first stage of the U.S. presidential primary. His return as president spooks the international community. He has hindered European interests in areas such as trade tariffs, NATO, and climate change. Europe is worried and Trump’s circle confirms their fear. Trump has complicated relationships with the Davos set. He has a history of promising anti-globalism. Trump disrupted diplomatic norms in 2018 by bringing his “America First” brand to Davos. He undermined U.S. allies, made threats, and showed himself as a disruptive figure. World leaders are preparing for another term, worried about the impact on global relations, particularly with NATO and the war in Ukraine. Some believe that authoritarian leaders would benefit if Trump returns. While U.S. business is divided, some are making peace with the idea of Trump back in power. Despite his disruptive nature, they believe his policies could turn out well.

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