The Chaudharys, a powerful political family in Punjab, are now divided due to infighting. Previously, they held immense influence in Punjab’s politics and were known as ‘kingmakers’. Members of the family are now competing against each other in elections under different political parties. The rift may have begun after a vote of no-confidence against Imran Khan’s government. The family’s unity has been lost, with legal battles even erupting over the ownership of their ancestral home. The family’s history is also important to understand their current situation. The family’s loyalty shifted between different political parties over the years, and they faced challenges such as the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. Now, the family is divided over support for Imran Khan, leading to multiple members running in elections for different parties. Additionally, there are property disputes within the family. The situation has led to a tense environment, with the local police keeping an eye on the family’s property to prevent any clashes. The youngest son of the family, Shafaat Hussain, has remained neutral and is advocating for a family reunion.

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