The Supreme Court decided that Muslim women have the right to seek separation, called Khula, from their husbands if they cannot live together peacefully according to Islamic law. The case involved a marriage between Sohail Ahmed and Samreena Rasheed, which was registered in New York. The court dismissed an appeal from Sohail against a decision from the Sindh High Court which allowed Samreena to seek a divorce by Khula. The court also confirmed that family courts in Pakistan have jurisdiction over such matters. The judgement quoted a verse from the Quran to support its decision. It also mentioned that after the divorce, Samreena got remarried in the US, while Sohail tried to remarry in Pakistan but was unsuccessful. The court said that Sohail had no basis to challenge the decision and dismissed his petitions. This case shows that under Islamic law, women have the right to seek a divorce if they are unable to live harmoniously with their husbands and that the family courts in Pakistan have the power to rule on such matters.

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