TikTok showed a deepfake video of Timothee Chalamet sitting in Leonardo Dicaprio’s lap. OpenAI updated its policies to address the issue of deepfakes and misinformation. OpenAI banned the use of its tools for impersonating candidates or local governments, campaigning, lobbying, discouraging voting, or misrepresenting the voting process. The digital credential system would help identify artificially generated images. OpenAI’s tools will direct voting questions in the United States to CanIVote.org. The tools are still being rolled out and depend on user reporting of bad actors. It’s not clear how well this will combat misinformation in the election season. Embracing media literacy and questioning every piece of news or image is still the best option for combatting misinformation. Users should be cautious of content that seems too good to be true and fact check if needed.

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