New research shows that solid-state qubits don’t need to be super spread out in a super clean material to last a long time. Instead, by putting a lot of rare-earth ions into a crystal, some will pair up to form highly coherent qubits. Normally, qubits need to be very clean to work properly, but this new study found that qubits can still last a long time in a crowded environment.

The researchers made qubits from the rare-earth metal terbium, doped into crystals of yttrium lithium fluoride. They unexpectedly found that a cluttered environment did not affect the qubits. These qubits were formed from strongly interacting pairs of ions, which meant that they were not affected by their messy surroundings.

The researchers also found that the qubits were protected from their environment by different physical properties. By adding a magnetic field to cancel out the effect of the nuclear spin of the terbium in the pairs, the researchers were able to quadruple the qubit lifetimes. They were also excited to find out that this phenomenon could be used with light for even longer lasting qubits.

The researchers believe they can now optimize the matrix to create even longer lasting qubits.

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