The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf political party, facing challenges after losing its election symbol, launched its election campaign in Karachi. The party vowed to hold a rally in Hyderabad and build momentum for the upcoming elections. Party workers faced hurdles and blockades as they reached the venue, with some facing false charges and illegal detention by police. Despite these challenges, party leaders urged workers to keep spirits high and not give up. During the rally, workers interrupted a speech to complain about irregularities in the distribution of party tickets. The leader addressed their concerns and appealed to keep focus on the upcoming elections. Later, police allegedly detained some PTI workers and laid siege to the residence of the party’s Karachi general secretary to disrupt a workers’ convention. The PTI spokesperson claimed that workers were detained by police, but the police denied this. The party is facing significant challenges in organizing their election campaign due to a variety of obstacles.

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