Chinese chipmakers are increasingly looking to Japan as the semiconductor industry adapts to stricter U.S. export controls. As a result, Chinese chipmakers are organizing group tours to network with Japanese chip companies and semiconductor trade fairs. These tours offer access to Japanese chip companies and trade fairs, providing opportunities for Chinese chipmakers to secure key equipment in the wake of export controls.

Despite the restrictions, Chinese companies are still doing significant business in Japan, with the number of Chinese companies exhibiting at the Semicon Japan show being second only to Japan. There are concerns, however, that Chinese companies may be trying to learn more about Japanese companies in order to reverse engineer advanced technology.

Japanese chipmaking gear makers are concerned that Chinese competitors may be approaching their supplier network in order to reverse engineer their products to tackle export controls. However, Chinese chipmakers are looking to deepen existing relationships with Japanese suppliers and to discover new companies, highlighting their ambitions in the semiconductor industry.

The tours have been revived in response to the need to cope with Washington’s tightening export controls designed to curb China’s advances in semiconductor technology. Despite the challenges, Chinese chipmakers remain ambitious and eager to learn and explore in the semiconductor industry.

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