The content of this article is about a report from the parliamentary budget officer found that the total income of new immigrants to Canada rose from 55% of the median Canadian income to 78% between 2014-2018. Professionals such as engineers, accountants, applied scientists, and physicians are driving the trend. The report suggests that family ties and “pre-admission” work or study experience play a big part in creating better economic outcomes for immigrants. The number of immigrants to Canada is set to rise by 500,000 in both 2025 and 2026, and the federal government said it would maintain that threshold for the following year. The influx of immigrants is expected to add to labor supply. There is also information on how new immigrants are likely to improve productivity levels in Canada’s workforce, but this will take some time. The report also examines the role of temporary residents who transition into permanent status and the role of social networks in economic outcomes for immigrants. This indicates the positive impact of immigrants on the Canadian economy.

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