The article talks about the latest gadgets showcased at the CES 2024 tech show, including AI-powered robots, facial recognition smart locks, and energy-efficient appliances. Smart home reviewer Jennifer Pattison Tuohy discusses the technology that caught her eye, demonstrating how it can make life more convenient, comfortable, and energy-efficient. Some highlighted products include the JennAir smart fridge and Samsung’s Ballie, a home robot powered by AI. Additionally, the article mentions a new breed of robot vacuum called Matic, which can navigate autonomously and clean areas using gesture recognition. The video accompanying the article provides a comprehensive look at the latest tech for every room in the house. The author also covers how the insulation technology used in the JennAir smart fridge can make other appliances more energy-efficient. Overall, the article highlights the innovative gadgets and technology that could shape the future of smart homes.

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