The Sindh health department confirmed five locally transmitted cases of the highly contagious new variant of Covid-19, JN.1, in Karachi. Three passengers in their 20s tested positive for Covid-19 at the Jinnah International Airport and were advised to self-quarantine. The Aga Khan University Hospital reported the locally transmitted cases of JN.1, three of which were women. The health department plans to set up a task force to tackle the emerging threat from JN.1. Health experts cautioned that although there has been a slight decrease in respiratory infections in the city, the situation is still worrisome. They emphasized the need for increased screening and testing services, as some patients are taking longer to recover. Cases of flu and persistent cough are still being reported, with Karachi seeing a rising number of flu cases since October 2023. Hospitalization and mortalities have been very low, largely involving the elderly and people with compromised immunity.

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