The Taoiseach wrote that Ireland’s immigration policy is fair and based on rules. Migration is common in developed countries, and Ireland is no exception. The Taoiseach acknowledged the benefits of migration, such as the diverse workforce in public services and the essential role migrants play in society. He emphasized that Ireland’s immigration policy is stringent on illegal immigrants but focuses on managing legal migration. The Taoiseach also noted that Ireland’s border controls are robust, with efforts to strengthen the EU’s external frontiers and collaborate with countries around the Mediterranean. He also highlighted the efforts to fight the factors causing people to leave their homes and to support asylum and migration. The Taoiseach addressed concerns around new accommodation centers for migrants and emphasized the importance of acknowledging people’s concerns and providing information. He argued that Ireland cannot give people a veto on who their neighbors are and emphasized that the country will navigate through challenges with a response that is firm but fair and compassionate.

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