Stay informed with free updates by signing up to the US-China relations myFT Digest. The House of Representatives’ China committee has asked the chief executives of US chipmakers to testify before Congress, intensifying scrutiny of companies with interests in China. The committee is using its bully pulpit to put political pressure on these companies, particularly those with significant operations or sales in China. Intel, Nvidia and Micron are under increased scrutiny. The bipartisan committee has become keen on having the chipmakers testify after the CEOs of these companies lobbied the Biden administration to prevent additional semiconductor controls in China. The US commerce department has imposed new restrictions on the export of chips for artificial intelligence to China. However, Micron, an Idaho-based chipmaker, has not come under the same kind of scrutiny but lawmakers still want to hear about the company’s problems operating in China. The decision to ask CEOs to testify will make US companies with interests in China increasingly nervous.

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