Last year, CES was all about Matter, a smart home standard. But this year, there was a focus on making products work across different ecosystems, even with rivals teaming up for user benefits. For example, Google combined Nearby Share with Samsung’s Quick Share for better file sharing on Android devices. Google also partnered with Samsung to use Galaxy phones as webcams for Microsoft Teams. Amazon is working on an open standard to allow video casting from all devices. The Qi2 charging standard will allow both Android and iPhone users to wirelessly charge at the same 15W rate. Despite these strides, there are still challenges and concerns, such as whether Apple will implement Matter Casting or if the new standards will just complicate things. However, it was nice to see more tech rivals collaborating for user benefits at CES. Additionally, there were updates to the Home Connectivity Alliance, which launched a new Energy Management Interface Specification to connect devices with the energy-saving smart grid, regardless of brand. These small steps toward interoperability are promising, but more companies need to join in.

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