This article talks about how Russia obtained one-third of its foreign-sourced critical battlefield components from companies based in the US and its allies through outsourced production facilities in countries with weaker export controls. They purchased goods worth $7.3bn, many of which were produced in China. The list of components includes semiconductors, computer parts, electronics, automotive components, and bearings. The data also shows the critical role of China in Russia’s supply networks. The US is the only country to insist that goods made in a third country may potentially be covered by domestic controls. However, applying these regulations is difficult, particularly in countries like China. The article notes that Russia has been importing rising volumes of products made by some western producers, such as Analog Devices, a US-based chipmaker. The company has ceased all sales into Russia and Belarus and instructed all of its distributors to halt shipments of their products into these regions. The US has issued an executive order targeting banks involved in these trade transactions, which they hope will disrupt these networks. The data suggests that Russia has been acquiring components from some western companies through intermediaries and distributors. This can be concerning because these components have been found in Russian arms such as rockets and drones.

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