The latest Henley Passport Index shows that Australians can travel to more destinations without needing a visa. Australian passport holders can visit 189 destinations visa-free, or obtain a visa upon arrival. European countries like France, Germany, Italy, and Spain also have strong passports with access to 194 destinations. Finland, South Korea, and Sweden also have strong passports with access to 193 destinations.

A chart shows the best passports for visa-free travel, and it’s credited to SBS News. Europeans, including Germany, Ireland, and the UK, offer entry without a visa. Australians can also travel to Oceania, Asia, the Americas, and the Caribbean visa-free. More than 40 places, including Saudi Arabia and Indonesia, offer visa or visitor’s permits upon arrival for Australians.

Some countries, such as Iran and Ukraine, are on the visa-free list for now. But there are 37 destinations, including South Sudan and China, where Australians need visas. New Zealand is the most visited destination for Australians, while India and Vietnam require visas for Australian passport holders.

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