The World Economic Forum recently released a report showing that global leaders are very pessimistic about the next decade. They predict global catastrophes, environmental issues, social conflict, war, cyber threats, and misinformation. This pessimism is surprising given that the global economy is not currently in a depression, with a growth forecast of 2.9% for 2024.

This widespread pessimism may be due to the fact that business leaders are not equipped to handle current risks, and that globalization, capitalism, innovation, and democracy are under attack. Additionally, bad news tends to spread faster and further than good news. However, there are positive possibilities to consider, such as breakthroughs in renewable energy, advancements in life sciences, increased access to information via cell phones, discussions about AI regulation, and the potential for improved global trade and democracy.

The author suggests that the World Economic Forum should consider adding a “positive risks” section to their survey. While the dangers identified by the WEF are real, focusing on positive possibilities could be equally interesting to investors.

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