The Chief Justice of Pakistan told a lawyer to prove an accusation made against the Election Commission of Pakistan. This is part of a hearing for the ECP’s petition about the PTI’s election symbol. The court case is being broadcast live on the court’s website and YouTube.

The Election Commission decided not to let PTI keep its election symbol, and the PTI went to court. The court restored the symbol, but then withdrew it again. The PTI then went to the Supreme Court against the Election Commission’s decision.

The case is time-sensitive because of upcoming general elections. The Election Commission said PTI held its elections secretly, and the court has to decide on the matter soon.

The court asked the PTI lawyer to explain the allegations made against the Election Commission or remove them. The Election Commission said the court’s decision went against previous Supreme Court rulings and was not democratic.

The Chief Justice said the court would announce its verdict soon. The Election Commission’s appeal has to be decided quickly as returning officers are set to give election symbols to candidates. Both PTI and Election Commission lawyers are present in court.

More to follow.

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