The Chief Justice of Pakistan, Qazi Faez Isa, observed that the PTI’s party constitution was violated in the election of the party chairman. This violation was proved as the PTI’s constitution states that the chairman should be elected every two years, and other members every three years. This was said during a hearing where the Election Commission of Pakistan’s petition challenging the Peshawar High Court’s decision to restore the PTI’s ‘bat’ election symbol was being discussed.

The ECP had previously decided against letting PTI retain its electoral symbol for the general elections, as it had failed to hold intra-party polls as per its prevailing constitution and election laws. The PHC had initially restored the bat symbol but then withdrew the stay on the ECP order, stripping the party of its symbol again. The PTI then moved the Supreme Court against the restoration of the ECP ruling, which was being heard in a time-sensitive manner due to the upcoming general elections.

The article further discusses the arguments presented by the PTI and ECP lawyers and the points made by the Chief Justice during the hearing. It also mentions that the ECP’s petition highlighted that the PHC ruling conflicted with previous Supreme Court rulings and undermined the fundamental purpose of certain sections of the Elections Act and Election Rules.

The article concludes with a note that more information on the subject will follow.

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