SK Telecom, South Korea’s biggest communications company, is aiming to become a global AI company. To do this, they are forming alliances with big tech firms and telecom carriers in other countries. They have already launched the “Global Telco AI alliance” with telecom carriers in Germany, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates. They are also planning to release new AI features for their personal AI assistant app, A.

One of the new features is a real-time translation call function, currently available for Apple devices. The company is considering expanding this service to Android devices and adding a large-language model to the app. However, they are facing challenges in expanding this service to countries with strict call recording laws, like the US. They are also developing more new features for A.

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics is also preparing to add a real-time interpretation call function to their flagship Galaxy smartphones. SK Telecom’s AI service chief is considering embracing this trend and integrating it within their own capabilities. Overall, the company is focused on expanding its AI services globally and keeping up with the latest technology trends.

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