The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) told the Supreme Court that the PTI had secret intra-party polls and did not submit documents according to the rules. The ECP had decided to not let the PTI keep its election symbol, but the PHC had given the symbol back to PTI. However, the High Court later withdrew this decision.

The PTI then moved the Supreme Court against the ECP ruling, but later withdrew the appeal as the matter was being heard by the PHC. The PHC had also declared the ECP’s decision to revoke PTI’s election symbol “illegal”.

During the hearing, arguments were made about the PTI’s intra-party polls, and the ECP argued that the polls were held secretly. The ECP lawyer presented a 64-page order on PTI’s intra-party polls and argued that the election commission had received 14 complaints about the polls.

The ECP raised concerns about the process of appointing PTI’s election commission members and PTI’s response. The PHC also sought a response from the ECP on a contempt plea filed by the PTI for not implementing the court’s directive to reinstate the party’s electoral symbol.

The court issued a notice to the ECP CEC and the secretary and sought a response on the implementation of its orders by January 16.

More details to follow.

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