Year in and year out, most blood glucose tech at CES are devices that may never come out. But Dexcom is promoting its forthcoming Stelo continuous glucose monitor (CGM), a wearable sensor that gives real-time blood sugar levels for Type 2 diabetics who don’t use insulin. CGM coverage for non-insulin users is only roughly a third of people with Type 2 diabetes, and 25 million people don’t have insurance coverage for CGMs. The Stelo, based on Dexcom’s G7 CGM platform, is designed to provide insights around real-time readings, and is focused on improving the lives of those with diabetes. The company is also committed to making the product more affordable for those not covered by insurance. The Stelo is going through the FDA clearance process, with plans to launch this summer. There’s hope this tech will positively impact millions of underserved people, but it’s not certain how the medical community will incorporate it.

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