This content talks about the Chief Justice of Pakistan stating that the Supreme Court will not take over the role of the Election Commission of Pakistan. It discusses the ongoing petition challenging the restoration of a political party’s electoral symbol. The symbol was initially revoked due to the party’s failure to hold intra-party polls as per election laws. The article provides a summary of the various legal actions taken by both the party and the Election Commission. It also details the proceedings of the court hearing and the arguments presented by the parties’ lawyers. The article also mentions the response of the political party and the Election Commission to the court’s directives. In addition, it discusses the petition submitted by the Election Commission and highlights the legal arguments put forth in the petition.

The article also talks about the PHC’s order and its implications on the Elections Act. The PHC sought a response from the Election Commission and the court’s directives for their continued proceedings. Additionally, it provides a summary of the legal arguments presented and the court’s observations during the hearing. The article ends with the mention of additional reporting to follow.

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