During CES 2024, SAG-AFTRA announced an agreement with AI voice technology company Replica Studios. The agreement permits SAG-AFTRA members to work with Replica to create digital replications of their voices for use in video games and interactive media projects. The announcement was characterized as a way for voice over artists to explore new opportunities with industry-leading protections for AI technology. However, the deal received backlash from voice performers who expressed concerns about the future of their profession.

SAG-AFTRA stated that the deal is aimed at expanding opportunities for its members, but many voice actors worry that it will lead to the loss of work and the dilution of their art.

The Interactive Media Agreement, which covers roughly 140,000 members and major video game publishers, is currently under negotiation. The deal with Replica Studios is a separate agreement from ongoing negotiations and will ensure fair compensation and protections for voice performers.

SAG-AFTRA emphasized that the new agreement does not diminish the terms of previous agreements and is intended to demonstrate to video game companies that AI technologies are capable of meeting industry standards. However, voice actors have voiced concerns about the future implications of accepting AI in the creative process.

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